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is that all right? don't fall in. you like my mom? she likes you. i can tell. yeah, we're a couple of coconuts. my mom's jealous of that waitress. stay. [bad to the bone by george thorogood playing] ♪ on the day i was born mack. how's the road treatin' ya? ♪ i was bad to the bone good. ♪ bad to the bone where's your mob headed? reno.
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ever been to reno? ♪ i'll break a thousand more, baby ♪ ♪ before i am through ♪ i wanna be yours, pretty baby ♪ ♪ yours and yours alone ♪ i'm here to tell ya, honey ♪ ♪ that i'm bad to the bone ♪ everything copasetic? big word. finish your fries. i don't have to if i don't want. you're not my father, you know. so, why'd you rob a casino? 'cause everybody else robs banks. nowadays, you gotta be original. if you're original, catch 'em off guard, it's a piece of cake. i'd say casinos are pretty original. how many you done so far? one. one? yeah. ♪ happy birthday ♪ to you ♪ happy birthday ♪ dear michael [car starts] aw! hey! [tires screeching] [horn]
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[horn blares, tires screeching] ♪ i hear songs on the radio ♪ darn you, cybil, stop this r! ow! oh! ♪ the song they're playing's ♪ got me thinkin' 'bout you ♪ kissin' me, and smiles real sweet ♪ you gonna pay for this? ♪ 'cause i was thinkin' 'bout you ♪ where the hell's my wallet? ♪ every little dream i dream about you ♪ ♪ every little thought i think about you ♪ ♪ it drives me crazy when you go away ♪ ♪ i'm gonna keep you locked up at home ♪ [reading] ♪ it'll take a while, but i'm gonna break you ♪ whoo! ♪ you hurt me so much i hate you ♪ thomas j. murphy, born 1955, january 8. elvis' birthday. born in biloxi, mississippi. no record of a father. spent most of his childhood in foster homes. he was a medic in vietnam. awarded the purple heart. nice. first arrest in '75 when he was caught vandalizing the gates of graceland.
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now, why would you do that? [tires screeching] i could not make this stuff up if i tried. then he was arrested for attempted murder in '88 and then again for a diamond heist in arizona, where he served 8 years. released march, year of our lord 2000. in 1984, thomas j. murphy filed charges against the estate of elvis presley for not recognizing him as elvis' biological son. right. sure. he was denounced in '85, and he lost the case, along with 75 others claiming to be elvis presley's illegitimate children. the court ordered dna testing done. 73 of the 75 proved to be false outright. [siren]
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nice day. great day.
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marshal: now you're not gonna tell me that murphy was one of the inconclusive 2. buddy, take a look at those sideburns. [coins clattering] [ringing] peterson's antique refurbishing. naomi speaking. yes, hi, um, i'm trying to reach jay peterson. one moment, please. jay, there's a woman on the phone for you. oh, all right. [door buzzer] [buzzes] jay peterson. [doohow can i help you? cleanliness is next to godliness. hey, alarm, see? yeah, you're right. hey, kid, this one here. hey, i got a name, you know, and it's not kid. it's jesse james. well, move it, jesse james, and pop the hood.
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ka-ching! [engine starts] ow! good job. cybil: yes, i do. tonight, 10:00 sharp. i'll be there with bells on. heh heh heh! hey, give me five... hundred thousand!
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mr. peterson, i'm sorry. i tried to announce him. it's all right, honey. he's here now. ok. what can i do for you? you are jay peterson, right? well, either that, or i'm wearing someone else's underwear. ha ha heh heh! it's a joke. i don't joke. oh. well, you don't have an appointment, either. so, what can i do for you? cleanliness is next to godliness. you know, i've been hearing that a lot lately. all right, listen, there's something you should know. someone just called here with the password. she's on her way over. good. so, why are you here?
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i'm just here to keep things honest, jay. you kill this one, too? ok. ahem. listen up. things have changed. you guys are all over the news. this thing is messy. so? so, it's gonna be 50 cents on the dollar, that's what, things being the way they are. nah, the deal was 70. damn it! ok, okit doesn't have to be 50 cents. you're playin' the wrong guy, stupid. i know. a deal's a deal. why don't you show me the money, jay, so i know you're not just jerki me around? hey, listen, i think we got off on the wrong foot here. why don't we wait for the girl? i think we got off that's fair. foot here. and then i'll show you mine, and then you show me yours. why don't i shoot you with this funny arrow? no, no, no, please. then show me you're playin' straight with me. i--i--
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open the safe. i--i can't do that. open the safe, dummy. hey. bathroom. well, make it quick. we can't pay for this. well, what do you say? sorry, sir. noroblem, little dude. yeah! murphy: are you afraid, jay? can't make your fingers work? you think they felt that? you think you ever maybe just scared one to death? all right.
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we're in business. let's have a drink. mr. peterson? come on in. we were just talking about mexico... and being scared to death, right, jay? [door buzzer] [buzzes] hi. are you mr. peterson? in the flesh. need a hand with that? no, no. i got it. [chuckles] quite a load you got there. a load? [laughs] laundry. i get it. a little industry humor. don't you want me to give you the password,
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you know, just to verify that i'm--it's really me? sure. if you wouldn't mind. not at all. i know how these things work. cleanliness is next to godliness. perfect. you scared me there for a second. i wasn't quite sure that you were the right guy. oh, i'm the right guy, all right. michael: all right, sse, you stay here.
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[floorboards creak] i told you to wait in the car, jesse. is that my mom? i want to see! no! jesse: that's not her. we're gonna find your mom, jesse. you're lying. you don't know where she is. she's with murphy, and she's headed to the same place we are. tell me what you make of this. somebody saw a '59 red caddy pulling out of a gas station shortly before the place blows up.
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where? ely, nevada-- about 300 miles north of las vegas. then, last night, about 400 miles north of ely in twin falls, idaho, some antique dealer-slash- money washer, alleged, is found dead near an open and empty safe. i got 50 bucks on boise. you want a piece of that action? hey, man, watch the hair. where'd you get these? i thought you'd like it. well, i do like it. a lot. ♪ detroit to texastexas to l.a. ♪ who brings it to you? ♪ who? ♪ who's your rock off? ♪ footprint to the bayou ♪ across the southern plains ♪ ♪ who brings it to you? ♪ who? ♪ who's your rock off
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hey, i didn't know you smoked. yeah. once in a while. [retching] hey, want another one? all right. you made your point. what if i helped you get to murphy and the money? then would you make me your partner? no. why not? because you bring nothin' to the table, ok? well, where's your car now, mr. smartypants? murphy's drivin' it, mr. i-blow-chunks- when-i-smoke. exactly. he's driving your stolen car. yeah, murphy's driving my stolen-- yeah. coupe de ville. license plate 3-k-m-t-g. [police sirens blare] policeman over loudspeaker: step out of the car. now. ok. thanks a lot. shut the ignition off and step out of the vehicle, please.
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murphy: cheerleaders. holding tank officer: come on, stud. cheerleaders. so, what are you in for? jaywalkin' or a visitor's pass? nothin' that romantic. grand theft truck. yeah? is that it? so far. reporting the car stolen. damn risky if you ask me. clever, though.
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had i known you were that smart, i might not have shot you back in rosewood. by the way, i did shoot you, didn't i? michael: where's cybil? cybil? cybil. cybil with a "c"? murphy: where do you think she is, mike? man, you are messed up, murph. you are seriously a piece of work. sticks and stones, but you'd have done the same thing, michael, if she double- crossed you instead of me. what? what are you talkin' about? what am i talkin' about? what, you mean you still haven't figured it out? you two didn't play me. you didn't even know her. no, not very well, but i knew you. you're reachin', murph. [murphy laughs] am i? you had no reason to bring her in. same reason you stayed with her, mike. average american family out on the road for a little putt-putt.
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why didn't you go back to the motel? i did. coyotes. coyotes. yeah. no lie. 2 of 'em. i took one in the grill, woke up in a ditch, suckin' on the steering wheel. face it, mike. you got played. it didn't matter to her who the 100 grand came from: u, me. i'm tryin' to face that myself. it's all baloney, murph. she told you about the 100 grand and anything else you uld beat out of her. yeah. you're right, mike. the truth is, she fell so crazy in love with you in one day that the little grifter witch decides to ditch the deal she cans with me and take off with you, the man of her dreams. ha! by the way, that was the deal you've got, right? hundred grand? ah, mike. you know the difference between us, mike? you're always trying to do the right thing
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in a bad situation. holding cell officer: zane, michael. yeah. murphy: yeah. right here. right here. somebody here to see you about bail. bailiff: boise county superior court now in session. the honorable judge carmody presiding. mr. zane? yeah. who are you? my name is otto sinclair. i'm from 1-800-1-go-free. i was asked by mr. waingrow to be your legal representation. mr. who? a mr. jesse waingrow. that little shrimp. yeah. charming little feller, ain't he? am i gettin' out of here? that all depends onyo mr. z. what do you mean? mr. waingrow has agreed to purchase the release bond, provided you enter into a partnership with him. he said you'd understand. you gotta be kiddin' me. no, mr. zane. i am not. this is ridiculous. this says 50%. yes, it does, mr. zane. otto, zane, you're up next. hey, you better make up your mind fast. i don't want to waste this judge's time. you shoplifted in the wrong state.
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i'm going to recommend a sentence of only 2 years. see you in court. 2? michael zane. good luck, pal. hey! hey! hang on a second. 2 years? let me see that again. jack. jack: yeah? jack, it's me. i'm in a holding tank in boise, idaho. i'm under the name jonathan liebling. i have to make bail. i have to do it before my prints come back. do you understand? completely. i'll have you out in an hour. good. 50%, huh? so, i'll see you tuesday morning, 9 a.m.? [dials cell phone] come on. [cell phone rings] 1-800-1-go-free.
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into our twice as big big cracker. because at cheez-it, real cheese matters. . '59 caddy, red. row 9. murphy: i took one in the grill, woke up in a ditch, suckin' on the steering wheel. get in the car, jesse. [muffled shout] [trunk slams] i got good news and bad news. the good news is, your mom's in the trunk. what's the bad news? she's alive.
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you ok? oh, baby. baby, give me a hug. oh, i'm so sorry, baby. mom, i thought you were dead. you know i was comin' back. [chuckles] what's goin' on here, cybil? what? there's more money here than we took, a lot more. i don't know anything about that. no. of course you don't. i've been suckin' on gas fumes for the past 5 hours. don't look at me like that. you ok? [snickers] you're good, man. you really are. you're good. i mean, that's a ne touch. just the right amount of relief from a loving mother reuniting with her long-lost son, who she left behind with a sucker she just stole 3 million bucks from. i did not set you up. bullcrap! what are you even talking about? murphy told me. murphy?
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